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Reflex Radio Personal Trainer

We provide trainers and gyms the ability to enhance every workout experience. The trainer programs the workout and the Reflex Radio engine will curate playlists and mixes that sync with the programmed workout perfectly.

Here at Reflex Radio we believe that every workout should be an experience, and we strive to enhance that experience for every user. We aim to do that by maximizing workout productivity, giving trainers and coaches the opportunity to focus on what they do best, and, ultimately, growing the community  by bringing people together with the power of music.


Co-Founders Nick and Colleen

Hi! We're Nick and Colleen, a husband and wife team. We created Reflex Radio to enhance the fitness scene. We want to bring the average workout class to the next level. Most classes repeat the same songs class after class and the energy levels to sync up. Colleen is an avid member of the Charlotte, NC fitness community and Nick has had a passion for music since he was young. Nick started DJing professionally in 2008 and changed his focus in 2018 to the fitness scene. One day Nick created a DJ mix for Colleen's workout class. He wanted the intense parts of the workout to sync with music. The warmup to pump you up and the cooldown to feel like a true accomplishment. These mixes were a huge hit immediatetly with the gym members.

Stu Brauer, owner of WTF Gym Talk, was inspired by the energy he saw during the workout while the curated music mix was played, he wanted to continue the vibe and energy at at gyms on a daily basis. If more people can experience an elevated workout from a great trainer combined with a curated mix syncing to the workout's intensity, this would be a new way to bring a community together.

The idea for Relfex Radio was born!