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Apple Music

Do you have an Apple Music account? If so, you will soon be able to link your Apple Music account with your Reflex Radio account! Linking your account will give you access to more than 90 million songs to use in your Blueprints. If you don't have an Apple Music account, you can CLICK HERE to create one.

Please note: Users must have an Apple Music account to subscribe to Reflex Radio.

 Our core beliefs are based in our love of combining music and fitness with the ability to adapt with each ebb and flow. We strongly believe that community is everything. People feel empowered when they have the support of a community. Just as each community grows so will Reflex Radio.

Our community

Curating custom mixes to fit your workout

Never worry about the client experience again

Premium Features


Our engine creates mixes based on the "Flex" (intensity) you choose for each exercise within your workout's Blueprint! It's as if a DJ is in the room spinning the tracks that keep you motivated and moving!

New Music Every Time

You will never have to hear the same mix twice if you don't want to. Simply press the "+" button to create a new mix.

Save Time

Program your workout within the app and we'll take care of the music.

Just Hit Play

You'll never feel the need to hit "SKIP" when every song and transition matches your movement intensity.

Member Feedback

Member's can give immediate feedback on the music. Our engine automatically learns and adjusts music based on feedback. Never listen to music you don't like!

Play in Multiple Rooms Simultaneously

Have more than one workout class going on at the same time in different rooms? Different classes can play different mixes at the same time on the same account. Reflex Radio will play in as many rooms as you have workouts! Only available with the Gym subscription.


First 2 weeks FREE!


Gym 1: $149/mo

Gyms 2-5: $139/mo

Gyms 6-9: $129/mo

Gyms >10: Give us a call!

Personal Trainers: $49/mo

Concierge Service

$100/mo in addition to initial subscription.

When you have our Concierge Service, a Reflex Radio account manager will sit with you to learn about your workouts. They will then create the necessary Blueprints and update the mixes once a week for each Blueprint.

Interested in our Concierge Service?


Flex to the Beat

Music is the driving force behind the creation of Reflex Radio. It has the innate ability to move people, and, when applied to a workout correctly, the user's output will radically increase. Reflex Radio allows you to maximize the connection between music and your specific workout.

What is Reflex Radio?


We would love to hear from you if you have questions, comments, or just want to say hi.

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