Our Story

The 4 vertical bars represent the core pillars of our company: Music, Fitness, Community, and Adaptability. They are also intentionally made to resemble sound bars and mimic the intervals that every workout has. 


Music is the driving force behind the creation of Reflex Radio. Music has the innate ability to move people, and, when applied to a workout correctly, the user’s output will radically increase. 


Reflex Radio was created to enhance the user’s experience throughout their fitness journey. Fitness is an integral part of a person’s lifestyle and plays an essential role in maintaining the alignment of one’s body and mind. Just like drums lead armies into battle, Reflex Radio intends to guide and motivate users towards a healthier them. 


We strongly believe that community is everything. People feel empowered when they have the support of a community, and that’s especially evident within the fitness community. The additional features that Reflex Radio offers aims to add an additional level of support that will help bring everyone together and keep them motivated on the same path. 


When we think of “Adaptability” many things come to mind. Adaptability of a workout; Adaptability of a company to stay up to speed with what their users ultimately need and want; Adaptability within life so that way you are able to roll with the punches that the universe throws your way so that you come out stronger on the other side. Whatever way you view adaptability, one thing is constant: Change. As a company and as employees, we know that we must change and adapt to whatever lies ahead in order to be successful for our users. 
The circular shape of our logo represents our community, while the color purple is associated with ambition. Purple also perfectly combines the calm stability that blue embodies with the fierce energy that red exudes. We at Reflex Radio know that we must be ambitious in order to take on giants such as “Spotify” and “Apple Music”, and we fully intend to do just that. Purple also represents pride and magic. We take pride in the work that we do and continue to strive towards our goals. The “magic” that Reflex Radio has that all other competitors are missing is the perfect concoction of unique individuals providing their creative concepts in ways that have not been seen in the industry before. We’d be remiss if we did not mention the effects that the color purple has on the mind and body, which includes calming of the mind and nerves, uplifting spirits, and encouraging imagination and creativity. Reflex Radio will have the same effect on the users. The smoothness of the Reflex Radio text emulates the smoothness of the transitions between the song intervals, and compliments the logo while adding an element of dimension as well.